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Client Recommendations

We are committed to providing devoted, professional and personalized service for our clients. Here are some of their comments:


Suzie Frankel
Owner, OganizeMe
Of all the many agents I have used, Ilana and Dov were the most professional, easiest to work with, and extremely trustworthy in all aspects of the process. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather work with in this situation.

Michel Messeca
Owner, Atrium international
Ilana is reliable ,and trustworthy. Always available to answer , to advice, and to come and meet with you in order to help you.
Ilana has shown a great knowledge of the business she is conducting,in detail as well as in the great picture we were trying to achieve.

David Berger
Custom Wood Furniture Designer
Through Ilana’s confidence as a business women and mother she made sure that we were not only making a wise investment financially but that we were making the best choice for a home that would best suit our family’s needs now and in the future. With a high level of professionalism matched with her personable character she was exactly what we were looking for. She made the entire process enjoyable.

Jacob Gross
Partner at Blowdart,Inc
Professional and personable to a fault.

Nachshon David Carmi
Ilana is relentless in the best sense of the word.
We have worked with her for 3 months until we found our apartment in south east Jerusalem. She kept us on track showing us more and more apartment until we zeroed in on the one we liked.
Listening well to our hopes and fears she helped us find a balance between what we wanted in an apartment and what is available.
She also refereed us to other great professionals in the field.
She is fluent in Hebrew, English and French.
I highly recommend her.