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Apt in Arnona for sale in a Tama 38 building

Lovely apartment for sale on tree-lined Efrata St in Old Arnona. A bright and spacious 3.5 room apt, on the 2nd floor in a building soon to undergo tama 38. An additional 1.5 rooms will be added to the apt

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In all our years of working in real estate, it was understood that owners of property built on land leased from the church through Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael (KKL) could renew the lease automatically upon expiration. There was always the question

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Introduction to Mortgages for the Foreign Buyer

This aim of this article is to provide basic details for our foreign buyers who may need to take a mortgage in Israel in order to purchase their home in Jerusalem. Fortunately, many of our overseas clients have the ability

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Betterment Tax in Jerusalem – information you need to know

How New Zoning Laws in Jerusalem May Affect You   This past July, the municipality and construction ministry passed new zoning laws for Rechavia, and parts of Talbieh, Shaarei Chesed and Kyriat Shmuel. In many cases this will have absolutely

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Luxury 4 bedroom apartment for long term rent in Rechavia

This luxury 5 room apartment is located in a beautiful new building on Arlozorov St. 1st floor with Shabbat elevator, 204 sqm. net on one level, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, every room including the kitchen is spacious. There is a

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Luxury Duplex in Shaarei Chesed

Located at the edge of Shaarei Chesed, on Narkis St., this luxury duplex will marvel you! 169 sqm. net (220 sqm. gross) on two levels, private elevator that reaches both levels (with shabbat function), 4 bedrooms, two sukkah balconies (one

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Garden Apartment for sale in the heart of Katamon

Garden apartment in the heart of Katamon. Pastoral, quiet location on Rabbi Hisda St.,  seconds from Emek Refaim. Ground floor with private entrance, 51 sqm., 3 rooms, 1 bathroom, well maintained, common garden. Asking NIS 1,420,000.

Single Family Home in the Heart of Shaarei Chesed

Beautiful single family home in the heart of Shaarei Chesed, seconds from the Gra shul and Kahal Chassidim. Completely non-attached house with surrounding garden and private parking, this 356 sqm. home is a unique gem in the area. Built on

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Spacious 4 Bedroom Apartment at Kikar Magnes

Spacious 4 bedroom apartment at Kikar Magnes. Quiet, pastoral location just a few minutes from Shaarei Chesed and the shops on Azza St.2nd floor with elevator, 133 sqm net, 4 spacious bedrooms, sit-in kitchen, large living and dining room area,

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According to The Marker, the Municipality of Jerusalem has just passed an updated Tama 38 plan. The original Tama 38 plan allows developers to strengthen foundations and add an additional floor to buildings without earthquake-proof foundations that were built before 1980, without paying improvement tax. The new municipal plan increases building rights, and allows for developers to build up to 2.5 floors above existing buildings that need strengthening against earthquakes. This gives a serious incentive to developers to move forward with this plan wherever possible. However, along with this amendment to the original Tama 38 plan of adding the additional building rights, the municipality has refused to allow these rights to apply to “Old Jerusalem”, or the original Jerusalem neighborhoods that date back to 1947. This includes Rechavia, Nahlaot, Talbieh, German Colony, Baka and other central Jerusalem areas. The municipality reasons that land in these neighborhoods is worth much more than in peripheral neighborhoods, and therefore there is already a strong enough push to follow through with the Tama 38 plan even if only one additional floor is permitted. Some residents may be relieved that their neighborhood will not lose its charm to tall building additions; however, other residents are not pleased with this news. According to Anat Biran, a lawyer representing a group of neighbors interested in strengthening their building against earthquakes, residents in older neighborhoods will have a harder time finding developers to strengthen their buildings because the one-floor limit lowers the profitability of the Tama 38 process.